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Who Is VeryDirtyCarpets?

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About VeryDirtyCarpets

VeryDirtyCarpets is the result of over 20 years hard work in the Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Industry.  

Peter and Sandra MacDonald who started carpet cleaning in 1994, has a passion for their customers.  When asked about how they succeeded in business,  Peter MacDonald replied," Look after the Customers and the Business will look after itself.  Business is about providing a service, fulfilling a need that the customer has."

Some examples of our professional work is found to the right. 

In 20 years, Peter and Sandra's MacDonald's carpet and upholstery cleaning business has cleaned somewhere around 28,000 houses and commercial buildings, 3.2 Million Square Meters of Carpet, so they are well and truly masters of their industry.

The Most Common Question

In that 20 years of talking to customers, one of the most common questions is, "What should I use to clean the spots off my carpet or upholstery?"  A question that was hard to offer an answer to, as so many products and home remedies left the carpet with a sticky residue which would re-soil over the next weeks and months as dirt and grime would come off peoples shoes etc, and a dark stain would re-emerge.  

Peter made it a mission to find a product that would be effective at cleaning the spots off the carpet, but would not re-soil after the treatment.

In 2014, Peter MacDonald's search lead him to a product that, with close scrutiny, fulfilled the requirements for giving his customers the best product he could find.  

In February 2015, everything was in place to launch the new product - The VeryDirtyCarpets Carpet and Upholstery Spot and Stain Remover.

A Very Good Partnership

VeryDirtyCarpets have launched the product in conjunction with the great business partner,

 With Amazon's commitment to product delivery and VeryDirtyCarpets commitment to a quality product, it seems a very good partnership indeed.

More to Come

This is just the first of a range of cleaning product that are being developed in the coming months, which will culminate in some very exciting, very useful, products in which our customer will be delighted.

We ask you to Stay in Touch

With the exciting developments coming in the future, we would love you to stay in touch with us by "Liking" our Facebook Page so we can let you know when these developments come to pass.  Our business is about quality, for you to have the highest quality customer experience.  We will endeavour to live up to this aspiration, but we can't do it without YOU.