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Peter MacDonald has been cleaning peoples carpets for over 20 years.  He has wealth of experience that could be a big benefit to You.  

In 1994 I fell into carpet cleaning, I had no plans to be a carpet cleaner, but I soon found it was a very satisfying profession.  I would turn up to customers houses and they would embarrassingly show me their carpets and say "I hope you can do something?"  It has been my privileged to be able in most cases to exceed their wildest dreams of what we could achieve for them.

One thing kept re-occurring, many of the stains were caused by the client trying to clean the stain themselves and they would end up with a bigger stain than they started with. It was caused by what they had used to clean the carpet. 

Unfortunately, Many products on the market for carpet cleaning have a cheap detergent base that when it dries is tacky on the carpet.  and this of course attracts dirt and so the stain comes back worse than it started.  

I have tried to guide my customers over the years to how to use various home remedies to avoid this but I felt that I needed to find a solution once and for all to this problem.

There were 3 things I had to address for any carpet or upholstery cleaning product that I would recommend to my customers.

 1.  It would have to clean a wide range of stains.

2.  It would be safe on carpets and upholstery.

3 it would not leave a sticky residue that would make the stain worse in the long term. 


Rebound Stain

Rebound stain from using the wrong Stain Remover

So began my search for a great product.

1.  I searched around the world for a product that had great cleaning properties.  Bearing in mind that there is no miracle product that does it all.  If someone claims it, don't believe them.  Color stains and many protein based stains like blood need special treatment, so I will find another product for that special requirement.  But for most general stains, grease, oil, coffee,food and fresh pet stains, I discovered a formula  by a highly trustworthy company in the USA that exceeded my expectations.  After refining that formula to give an even better customer experience I settled on this new product. 

2.  I wanted it to be safe for Carpet and Upholstery.  In the Main, Carpet is pretty hardy stuff.  Upholstery is a lot more sensitive.  So I needed a product that was ok for most fabrics. There is no bleaching component in this product so there it is color safe in the main.   One of the big problems with natural fabrics like Cotton is that if you over wet them you will get browning.   The Secret Formula in this product is so concentrated that you don't need to over wet the fabric or carpet  to remove the spots and so we avoid this issue.  In fact it is the concentration that is the secret to how the spot and stain remover works.  It quickly dries and you brush off or vacuum of the residue. and its gone.

3. The last point is related to this.  Because it is so concentrated, and the formula  dries to special polymer crystal that traps the soiling within itself( a bit like a Pack-man) and then you can just vacuum them out.  There is No Sticky Residue. that will attract the dirt back, and so the stain is gone,  properly gone.  So you don't have to waist your time on it again.

So I Offer You


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